Recent North Dakota legislation increases the opportunities for North Dakota taxpayers to receive a generous 40 percent state income tax credit for charitable contributions to organizations like Churches United for the Homeless.

Charitable Gifts = 40% Tax Credit

Triple Duty

Your gift does triple duty: 1) It funds services to help people today. 2) It will provide a guaranteed source of income The Churches United for the Homeless can rely on to meet future needs. 3) Qualifying gifts over $5,000 benefit you through a 40 percent North Dakota state income tax credit.

How to Get the Credit

Make an outright gift to the Churches United for the Homeless endowment fund. Your gifts can be in the form of cash, securities or real estate.


Impact Gift




Federal Tax  Savings  deduction




ND State Income Tax Credit




“Cost” of Gift




*Based on 28% tax Bracket

Examples are for illustration purposes only. Please consult your attorney or accountant for specifics to your unique situation.

This is a North Dakota tax credit and a federal deduction.

Gifts under $5,000 are greatly appreciated and are still tax-deductible (give online), but do not qualify for this credit.


For more information, contact our trust fund manager:

Jon Benson
Heartland Trust Company



Get Involved

It is the generosity of volunteers and donors that keep Churches United operating. Their support is what allows us to continue providing shelter, housing, food, and a path toward healing for those who are hungry and homeless in the Fargo – Moorhead community.


It is because of the 10k+ volunteer hours that we can continue making a difference in our community!

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The average cost per guest to receive shelter, food, and support services is $65. Donations help us

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