Erin's Story

Erin and Dayton came to stay at Micah’s Mission last year after experiencing some tragic events in their family.  Prior to coming, they had been living in their car for a period after arriving in the area with nowhere to go.  


Erin was a very actively engaged mom with her son, and they spent all their time together, playing games, riding bike, and reading when they were stuck inside.   Erin was motivated to find work and attended some job fairs once they were staying at the shelter and she felt some sense of “stability”.  She had some challenges with finding work as she had no reliable transportation and no one to watch over Dayton when he was not in school.  Even through all her barriers, Erin tried her best to keep a positive attitude, smiling, laughing, and spreading her joy to others. 


Erin was involved with Dayton’s school, met with the principal when he would come to visit the families at the shelter, and had open and honest conversations with other school administrators.  School staff were so impressed with her, they even encouraged her to apply for a job with the district.  


After being at the shelter for about 6 months, Erin was finally selected for a housing program, and they were able to move into their own permanent housing before Christmas!  Dayton had been engaged in some community activities while at Micah’s Mission, and Erin continued to support him being a part of those things as time went on.  Erin stated she would love to come back and volunteer with others who are experiencing the same things she went through. 

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It is the generosity of volunteers and donors that keep Churches United operating. Their support is what allows us to continue providing shelter, housing, food, and a path toward healing for those who are hungry and homeless in the Fargo – Moorhead community.


It is because of the 10k+ volunteer hours that we can continue making a difference in our community!

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