Ali's Story

Ali is a 70-year-old man that had been homeless since he moved here to the US in 2015 from Nigeria. One of his first meetings with his case manager, Ali mentioned that he does not have any family when he moved over to America. Ali said, “it was a dream of my parents for me to come to this country where opportunities were larger than back home.” Ali lived out of his car since 2015 bouncing around from Ohio to Minnesota.  


In the first three months, his case manager at Churches United connected him to a New American program at Lakes and Prairies (CAP-LP) and health insurance. Working with other case managers through Churches United and other agencies, Ali was on his way to stable housing. 


Because of Ali’s age, he was qualified for the Housing Support’s program over at the Bright Sky Apartments. The day before Thanksgiving, we were able to move Mr. Ali into his very own apartment, his first apartment since coming to America to begin his new life. 


After everything was moved in, Ali continuously thanked the case managers and staff of Churches United for making his parents dream come true for him. Today, Ali is happy, healthy, and doing what he loves the most which is watching soccer in the comfort of his apartment.   

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It is the generosity of volunteers and donors that keep Churches United operating. Their support is what allows us to continue providing shelter, housing, food, and a path toward healing for those who are hungry and homeless in the Fargo – Moorhead community.


It is because of the 22k+ volunteer hours that we can continue making a difference in our community!

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The average cost per guest to receive shelter, food, and support services is $65. Donations help us

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