Derek's Story

Derek has been with Churches United off and on since 2018. He has always been very driven at figuring out his journey, getting housed, and finding his way to reach some of his big goals. There have been barriers along his path including some legal issues. In conversation with Derek, he would say things like, “I would get going in just the right direction, and then get bored and something stupid and end up in jail. That is what happens when you have no money, no place of your own; you get bored and stir up trouble.” 
In November of 2019, Derek set up an appointment with his Housing Support (HS) Case Manager at Micah’s Mission. When he sat down, he immediately said, “I’m ready to get serious. I want to be sober; I want to be housed, I want to do more with my life than live here or be in jail.” Over the course of the next 2 months, Derek worked diligently to move forward in his goals. In that time, he completed over five housing applications, went to see his primary doctor, and completed a housing questionnaire (VI SPDAT) that put him on a list for housing vouchers and opportunities. Derek is now set up with an Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) worker and has regular appointments with a mental health counselor. 
In May of 2020, Derek reached one of his major goals. Derek has a home to call his own at the Bright Sky Apartments in the HS program. 

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