Ali's Story

Ali is a 70-year old man that had been homeless since he moved here to the US in 2015 from Nigeria. "It was a dream of my parents for me to come to this country where opportunities were larger than back home."...

Derek's Story

Derek has been with Churches United off and on since 2018. He has always been very driven at figuring out his journey, getting housed, and finding his way to reach some of his big goals. There have been barriers along his path including some legal issues....

Erin's Story

Erin and Dayton came to stay at Micah’s Mission last year after experiencing some tragic events in their family. Prior to coming, they had been living in their car for a period after arriving in the area with nowhere to go. ...

John's Story

John is a 50-year-old male with a long history of homelessness and persistent mental health issues that have been a constant barrier to successful housing....

Lillian's Story

Lillian had an apartment of her own a couple of years ago and fell in love with the Fargo Moorhead community. When she was younger, she ran her own catering business. She has always believed in being strong and independent. She raised her kids to be the same way. Lillian lived in Arizona about 8 years ago, and noticed her skin started to do somethi...

Shawn's Story

Shawn had previously been staying at the Dorothy Day house after he got out of rehab. It helped him turn his life around. He got into low income housing and had been taking care of his apartment for the last 6 months. ...

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It is the generosity of volunteers and donors that keep Churches United operating. Their support is what allows us to continue providing shelter, housing, food, and a path toward healing for those who are hungry and homeless in the Fargo – Moorhead community.


It is because of the 22k+ volunteer hours that we can continue making a difference in our community!

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The average cost per guest to receive shelter, food, and support services is $65. Donations help us

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